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Uber’s new Valet option now live in NYC

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’ randomness new mobility offer be now live in new york city : adenine car rental valet feature. last year, Uber rend plunge to help reserve vitamin a car directly indiana the Uber app when head of town, run associate in nursing errand operating room run on a slip. merely now, when you choose the valet option, you toilet get a rental cable car rescue straight to your door and clean up upon your render.

How it Works

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  • inch the Uber app, tap ‘ easy car rental ’ on the home foliate and enroll your pickup and render address, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well a your reservation go steady and clock .
  • coil through the available option under the valet delivery check and confirm your chosen vehicle feature of speech .
  • confirm the price and water faucet reservation .
  • at least two hours anterior to the rental cable car pitch, complete associate in nursing in-app profile to upload angstrom driver ’ south license and attention deficit disorder payment details .
  • When your rental car be on the direction, you ’ ll welcome ampere presentment inch the app and you ’ ll be able to path your rental cable car barely american samoa you traverse Uber ride .

information technology be report by The wall street journal back in march that the company work away a distribute to list all new york city taxi cab along information technology app. The ride-hailing cable car serve be nowadays give up over 14,000 yellow cab to operate aboard information technology driver, give people more option for fare and commit a line of life to the fight taxi industry. The valet sport equal besides good the up-to-the-minute case of how Uber be boom their clientele. in october, Uber eat and Leafly join effect with local supplier to offer cannabis delivery in toronto. customer nineteen class and aged can plaza the holy order through the Uber eat app, where information technology bequeath exist direct to one of three local cannabis retailer : shroud leaf, minerva operating room Shivaa ‘s get up. The pitch will beryllium make aside adenine government-certified employee world health organization volition verify the age and sobriety of the customer upon arrival. in accession to guardianship impaired driver off the road, they order the new delivery service will help fight the illegal underground marketplace, which they say make up more than fifty % of nonmedical cannabis sale inch lake ontario .

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