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Got bored playing alone ? ! I got you 😉 showcasing some of the best multiplayer typhu88 đăng nhập
games phệ play with your friends or random people all around the world, build / craft và survive all the wayso sánh let me showcase the best out there* Games are not rankwise

1)Black Survival

a trực tuyến games its lượt thích battle royale type but you can’t lượt thích freely moves, you can just tap và move forward or change the đô thị you gotta find weapons / food / water và kill other members và be the last one béo surviveGame kích thước is around 600 mb gameplay is all about moving mập places và places kill other players find food và drinks as needed be the last man standingAndroid – –

2)Ark Survial

A mới ra pc game which got ported mập mobiles an outstanding console chất lượng game its a medieval survival game with all 80 + dinosaurs, game provided không 3g + trực tuyến multiplayer feature .game requires atleast ba gb ram và good processor Khủng work depending on that it might đơ or you can’t play on đầy đủ graphicskích cỡ is around 2GBAndroid – –


A magical world béo explore in this quality survival game, there are end 275 + different creatures with 450 + different things béo build và 25 + different ladscape bự visita lovely beautiful survial game béo play with your friends aroundform size is really short lượt thích around 100 mb game really worth mập kiểm traAndroid – –

4)Utopia Origins:-

unlike other this one give third person view a huge world mập explore, build the house with your các buổi party members, game includes all the dinosaurs và quái dị around you can craft và build things phệ make your life easy in this gorgeous fantasy survival a game you should must kiểm tra onAndroid – –

5)Last craft survival:-

This one is made by creator of px gun ba d of course the graphics are samegame provides mission, it does have pvp you can fight with other player defeat different end 50 monsters và got 150 + things mập craft, build your own shelter with your imagination with numerous different blocks béo use cooperate with friends in this mmo world .Size is end 200 mbAndroid –


one of the most awaited mmo survival has been finally released globallyit provied top xuống dốc view, game features all different boss khủng và good story Khủng follow up, explore vast places hunt lao dốc dinosaurs cooperate with friends loot other player you can không bao giờ get bored out of itAndroid – –

7)Survival Barren roads:-

its all about zombies in this one kill và surviveapocalyptic world where zombies all around you can cooperate with other player / drive vehicles / gather needed resources và survivegame is exclusively available for tiện ích ios atleast for nowSize is around một gbiOS –


its a typical survial game, game is in portrait modebut main things is its a local multiplayer game you can play with friends around locallygame kích cỡ is super short only 15 mbAndroid –

8)Experiment z:-

its one of the early multiplayer survival game ]huge world play with friends or random people survive the zombiesSize is end 100 mbAndroid – –

9)Mini world Block art:-

survival và creative mode both are available also không 3g và trực tuyến multiplayergame features many mini games its a sandbox survival game about exploration và adventuregraphics phong cách is lượt thích minecraftkích thước is around 200 mbAndroid – –

10)Pixel Survival Game 3:-

Single player và trực tuyến multiplayer upto bốn playersfarm / collect / explore / pvp / treasure và moregraphics are classic phong cách top lao dốc viewform size is lượt thích just 70 mbAndroid – –

11)Prey Day:-

a survival game which provids huge trực tuyến world, communicate with other players make a nhóm or lootalot of things Khủng craft it will help you mập build your shelter và help mập go against other players và their trapkích cỡ is around 350 mbAndroid – –

12)Vast Survival:-

in this you can choose first person or third person viewa vast open world game in which it provided features such as crafting, building, voice chat, military bases, thick forests, rusty towns, huntingform size is around 150 mbAndroid – –


of course how couldn’t i mention itthe game that basically created this whole survival genrealot of things phệ bởi vì play alone or multiplayer an open world endless gameit recently got a không tính tiền trail phiên bản you can kiểm tra out if you don’t feel bự payAndroid Trail Free – –


và finally the last game i wanna showcase is lifeaftera game by netease provides huge world ba d landscape graphics liket totally next ren, different regions mập explorepost vi khuẩn apocalyptic world where you have béo survive the harsh enviornment và zombiesyou will encounter other survivors while exploring cooperate và survive togetherkích thước around 1.4 gb game i will totally recommend Khủng try atleast recently got global releaseAndroid – – sánh that was the danh sách hope you guys lượt thích it incase if you wanna kiểm tra any of those gameplay kiểm tra out this đoạn phim : -‘

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