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How to withdraw funds from an NFT game?

Free-to-play play-to-earn winbet có uy tín
s allow players to withdraw their earnings to external cryptocurrency wallets. The game naturally charges a fee for the transfer. The sequence of steps in the majority of games is the same, but the algorithm may considerably differ, because the used blockchain networks, integrated services & wallets are different. There are also differences for the versions on different platforms .
We will use an example of withdrawal of funds from Axie Infinity, if you play on Android và use Binance wallet. Note that the cryptocurrency funds of an Axie Infinity player are held in the built-in wallet Ronin. It is recommended to withdraw funds to MetaMask ; the simplest way is to install the browser extension. The sequence of steps is as follows :

Download Kiwi browser from Google Play & install it. Open the browser và go to the Google Chrome store, find MetaMask using the tìm kiếm bar, select it và nhấp chuột Add to Chrome .

Click on the icon with three dots in the top right corner of the browser. Open the MetaMask extension, select Create Wallet. Follow the instructions on the màn hình hiển thị ( come up with a username, mật khẩu và a security phrase that you need to save in a secure place ) .

Repeat the same actions for the Ronin Wallet used by Axie Infinity, i. e. find it in the browser extensions danh sách, tải về, install và register a wallet .

Using Kiwi browser go to the Axie Infinity trang web và select Marketplace in the main thực đơn. In the top right corner nhấp chuột Sign In và enter the information of your Ronin Wallet. Click Next và Connect. Enter your tin nhắn & mật khẩu for Axie Infinity .

In order to withdraw funds ( SLP ) make sure you are logged on to MetaMask & Ronin on your Kiwi browser. Once you sign into your tài khoản on Axie Infinity, nhấp chuột Claim Tokens & Confirm. Your SLP will be transferred to your Ronin Wallet within several minutes ( not instantly ) .

In your Axie Infinity account, go to Bridge và select Withdraw. Go to your MetaMask, copy the address of your Ethereum wallet as the recipient in the withdrawal section. Click Asset & select SLP. Enter the amount of SLP you wish to transfer then nhấp chuột Next .

The Ronin wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction, which could take a few minutes. Then nhấp chuột Confirm Through MetaMask & confirm. Your withdrawal is complete. Remember that you will need some ETH on MetaMask for gas fee. Do not nhấp chuột Pending Withdrawal ; it will tốc độ up the process, but double the gas fee .

If you don’t have an tài khoản on Binance, tải về the tiện ích of the ecosystem on Google Play & register. Pass verification. Go to the Wallets tab và select Spot. Click SLP và then Deposit .

Go to MetaMask. Click Send và paste your SLP address. Specify the amount or nhấp chuột MAX to withdraw all SLP. Click Send, then Confirm. The funds are now available on your Binance tài khoản .
As you can see, you cannot withdraw the NFTs from Axie Infinity. However, you can sell non-fungible tokens inside the platform for SLP và withdraw it to Binance or other wallets. After that, you can use the funds from the NFT game at your disposal, for example, exchange them for another cryptocurrency .

Example of trading SLP. Go to the Trade tab & then nhấp chuột SLP / USDT. Next go to the Sell tab & nhấp chuột Market. In the tab with the amount, you can select how many SLP you want to sell. Confirm the transaction & the chosen SLP amount will be sold. In return you will receive USDT at the current market rate. Next you can transfer your USDT to your P2P wallet on Binance và sell them for fiat at zero fee .

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